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It’s been what………….11 and a half months??


make the collection worthwhile.


make the collection worthwhile.

When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

I can’t remember. I keep pressuring my brain, but zilch. Nada.

Is that a bad thing? I feel so awful and stifled now, I might just start crying.

Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! Go silly, or go deep, go list-y!

Ten things I need to do this week:

  • Visit the False Ceiling gallery at Bandra and see the Book Publishing art exhibition currently going on. If it has ‘book’ in it, I have to see it. Similarly for art, paper, stationery, fabric and bhel-puri.
  • Make that golden print fabric idea that keeps cropping up in my head every morning, around 10.45 a.m.
  • Go to sewing class. I know, I’ve kind of missed too many classes to count, but you know what they say, fresh slate. Yes, I need a fresh slate.
  • And speaking of slates, I need a new, cute blackboard. Nothing like a blackboard to inspire you. I hate whiteboards.
  • Do some more stamping. Last week I did it, I kinda slept well through the week. Not so much, a little better, that’s all.
  • Write more. There’s all these posts doing the rounds in my head, and I can’t find the darn time to funnel them through my pen onto paper. And this when I have a brand new, spiral bound notebook that I made from scratch.
  • Get back on track with those French classes. I kinda began with gusto, and its now hanging somewhere. Finish it, slacker!
  • And begin one new project this week.
  • Plan my travel for the next 6 months. And get through with it. I need to read more travel-inspirational stuff and get my ass moving.
  • Get a new cycle. A Trek. Or a Firefox. Trek is better I heard. Buy it. Don’t think too much about money. Money is overrated.

Get a new sewing machine too. You have the time now. Why would you postpone buying it for the time you won’t have any time. (That’s one complicated sentence, but I get it, so it’s okay.)

I think I did more than 10. That’s how lists end up. More things in them, and less than half actually get done/ are valid. But as long as its therapeutic, you should keep doing it I can’t ever imagine a time when they won’t be therapeutic.

Stipster Startups

Like Inception, it’s not uncommon for a Stipster Startup to take interning to a meta level, where people are interning for the chance to intern for the chance of a permanent intern position.


True story.

"I don’t like it when someone calls me ‘Baby’ or ‘Sweetheart’ or ‘Darling’. I’d rather you swear at me. Same for me calling other people that way."

Yeah, I am a hypocorism-hater.

Early bird, or night owl?

As elsewhere, and true to my Libran disposition, somewhere in between.

But if you ask me what I’d like to be, I’d say none. Because there’s so much to do, and so little time.

And the Sun-less hours are the ones I’m craving more for right now.

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.

This is serendipity, you asking me this question.

How about, right now?

Because it is!! (kind of)

I really don’t want to break the jinx.

Three people walk into a bar……

A farmer, a cotton trader, a city-slicker. They order a rum, a whisky and a fresh lime soda each. They sip it their drinks watching the match on an Onida.

And walk out and go their own ways.

Four minutes later, they hear an explosion. They will always remember that night. And each other.

Most boring story ever. A story, nevertheless.


The Corporate class has taken all the profits while the average worker has seen little or no increase in pay. This phenomenon is called capitalism.


The Corporate class has taken all the profits while the average worker has seen little or no increase in pay. This phenomenon is called capitalism.

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